Office Interior Designers in Mumbai


A3B is a renowned brand in the industry which specializes in designing Commercial space for a diverse range of industries. Our expertise lies in providing smart design solutions for industries like Pharma, Logistics and Recruitment industries to name a few.

We provide turnkey design solutions that are trendy yet sustainable and progressive in nature. Today, we are a formidable brand having expertise in designing ergonomic workspace that are aesthetically beautiful, functional and highly personalized. We are an award-winning architect in Mumbai, curating workspaces that celebrates exclusivity and personifies excellence.

Currently, we are the most distinguished professionals in the industry, for we specialize in crafting green offices that are environment friendly and energy efficient. We design to inspire creativity and nurture a sustainable workspace. We provide a complete energy efficient commercial space design that transforms office interiors into a comfortable workspace. We believe in designing interiors that inspire productivity and encourages progress. We use technology-based solutions like sensors, recyclable materials and green power outlets for creating energy efficient work spaces for all our green commercial projects.

We can today proudly claim to be one of the best commercial designers in Mumbai offering exceptional interior design services that are highly adaptable to the scope of project. Every project that we undertake follows a series of process which includes thorough assessment of every client’s unique requirement and customizing solutions accordingly. We work in synergy with our clients to design work space that best reflects their brand and complements their business style. Our commercial projects undergo a rigorous scrutiny of assessment at every stage to ensure the work progress is perfectly aligned to the requirement of our clients.



Our USP’s

Our Work Process

We are an award-winning architect in Mumbai for a reason and it is mainly due to our meticulous work process that we adopt in every project that we undertake. Here is a complete process that we follow when we undertake a project and work towards its execution.

Site Assessment

We undertake a thorough inspection of the site and asses the space or commercial layout that needs to be revamped or designed. This is the first crucial stage of our process, wherein we try and asses the scope of work involved.

Client Consultation

Once the site is thoroughly assessed, we consult with our clients to understand their expectations and requirement pertaining to the designing of office interiors.

Space Planning

Based on the client discussion and consultation, we come up with design ideas and space planning to accordingly fit in their unique requirement.

Design Floor Plan

We draw out a detailed floor plan with all our design ideas and solutions for office interiors.

Project Cost Estimate

At this stage, we calculate the estimate cost of project and discuss the same with our clients to accordingly proceed with the design plan.

Blue Print of the Floor Plan

Once the floor plan, space designs and cost of project are approved by the client, we then draw out an elaborate blue print of the floor plan to serve as a guideline for efficient project execution.

Project Management

At this stage, we systematically handle every aspect of civil work, procurement of materials, construction, installation and implementation of fit-outs for office interiors.

Quality Check

We emphasis a lot on quality and hence we keep a regular check on the quality of materials used at every stage of the process, up till the final execution of the project.

Execution & Delivery of Project


We constantly strive to execute every project on time, as committed to clients and deliver projects as per the exact client requirement, especially well within the budget.