About A3B

We Love what we do and our passion shows


A home is for the heart and our designs reflect this


Your office is a reflection of your aspirations, we work with you improve productivity of space

Civil Work

We Also build and restore buildings


We Are A3B, The heart of an artist and the mind of an engineer

The Heart of a Designer and the Mind of an Engineer

The Heart of aDesigner and theMind of anEngineer

We at A3B believe that in order to make spaces of long-lasting value, we must embrace the context and for whom it is to be made for.A common thread seen in all our projects is the conviction that architecture should convey a sense of place – a sense of pride and wonder yet feel familiar.

A Trusted Partner

Our firm consists of architects and designers focused on creating beautiful, healthy, high functional spaces for offices, factories and homes

No Cost Escalations

Create designs and build spaces that are outside-the-box but still within agreed budget. This is a result of meticulous planning and consultation with our clients before the start of the project

No Time Escalations

We strongly believe in the value of time for all parties involved. Our team guarantees project delivery before the completion date. All out work is based on design and civil excellence budget and project management.

Design Excellence

Standing out is impossible when you follow trends. We believe that opulence in proportions, use of high quality and the right materials and the right balance of colours create a sense of unmatched elegance. A3B effortlessly combines this elegance while creating high functional spaces.

Provide hands-on principal involvement

Our founders Anjalee and Bipen are actively involved in dealing with clients and are involved in every phase of the execution. This helps maintain are close relationship that improves the overall pace of the work done and facilitates regular quality checks

Client-driven, not ego-driven

We don’t project our interests on to the client to escalate billings. Our focus is on understanding the needs and creating a space around our aesthetic to cater to the actual requirement

Growing client List

200+ clients and growing. Our client list includes some of the largest MNC’s like Qatar Petrochemical, Gatteforsse and high-profile individuals.

Vastu Compliant

Through reputed collaborations with India’s best known Vastu Consultants we help transforms spaces, making them in balance