A3B is company that strongly believes in contributing to the society’s social and economic development. We believe that, as a part of the society, we owe a lot to the community in which we live and operate. So, it has always been our endeavour to contribute and support the social development of our community. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we support many social causes and participate in various philanthropic activities. Our aim is to better the society and bring in a positive change with our humble contribution to the underprivileged children and the less fortunate senior citizen, living in old age homes.

CSR Initiative

Old Age Home

Life can be tough and indeed a struggle for old people. But we believe in bringing a glowing smile on their face. At A3B, it has always been our tradition to spend quality time and share some love, care and affection with the senior citizens living in the old age home. Our aim is to not just support these people financially, but also support them emotionally and physically. With no one to look after them, we at A3B, as a family come together in support of these elderly citizens. We conduct various activities and programs like dancing and singing for their entertainment and bring a smile on their face. Having team members who are both encouraging and supportive of this initiative, lets us greatly increase our outreach to such old age homes every year.

Blood Donation Campaign

Every year we set-up blood donation camps at our head office to encourage people donate blood and save precious lives. We motivate our employees to contribute towards the health of people in need of blood, by donating at the campaign conducted in our office premises. Running a blood donation campaign is our little way of supporting lives and committing towards a health living.

Umang Trang (Platform for socially backward/poor kids)

As a part of our CSR initiative, we created a platform named Umang Trang to support and contribute towards the less fortunate and underprivileged kids of our society. We believe it is a simple yet powerful way for our organization to create a positive social impact on the society. Through this platform, we encourage our employees and friends to take the first step towards a social contribution and support a good cause. As a part of this initiative, we conduct engaging activities with the underprivileged kids to understand their aspirations and volunteer to support them achieve it. Our ultimate aim and focus of this initiative is to contribute towards the welfare and well-being of the kids and assure a better future for them.