Best interior designers for your all home interior design needs…

What we promise

  • Maximum space utilization
  • Design as per latest trend & styling
  • Customized for each family member’s needs & choice
  • Fixed Time – Fixed Budget delivery
  • Use of best brands for materials & finishes
  • Promoting Green & Eco friendly products
  • Designs as per Vastu Shastra

Our Operating Models

Planning & Design

We identify needs & preferences of customers and develop designs for their vision. Our work includes a concept plan which is followed by floor planning, styling and space planning. We also deliver custom designs which are guided by the budget. The final documentation includes detailed drawings and specifications for every feature such as cladding, ventilation, natural lighting, wall, roof bracing, etc. Our home interior design work exhibits creativity, optimum utilization of space and connectivity to clients requirements.

Design – Build (Turnkey)

We offer one-stop solutions to customer’s home interior design requirement through this turnkey solution, right from understanding the customer’s requirement, designing the blueprint, procurement of raw materials, management of manpower, managing quality control standards to safety of personnel and environment. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are duly kept in mind pertaining the needs of the customer. Due to a single point of contact with the customer, there is an excellent end result and timely delivery of home interior design services.

Execution (Contracting)

A3B is equipped with modern equipment, professional personnel and skilled workmen due to which execution of a preplanned design becomes easier and cost-effective. The home interior design execution services are offered on a contract basis. We work with partners in this operating model. Know more about our interior design partners. Even though not planned & designed by us, we ensure that our work enlivens the designs.

Project Management Consulting (PMC)

Our Project Management Consulting includes expert professional project managers who not only supervise the entire project schedule but have a bird’s eye view on home interior design work meeting its quality standards. They make a mark so that the objectives are achieved in time under tight budget control without compromising on its quality. Effective and efficient project management calls for delivering a quality project on time keeping in mind its safety and environmental needs. This is how we help you achieve interiors of your dreams.

Fixed Time Fixed Budget (FBT)

Fixed budget eases you from cost escalation worries, whereas fixed time assures that you can move into your dream home on mahurat. Single point of contact avoids the coordination hassles with multiple contractors. Branded products ensure the quality standard of home interior design projects. Our interior designers assure you with unique and customized designs every time you visit us. Selection and specification of all materials before beginning the project will save your time and energy during the project. Project documentation including detail designs, project schedule and payment schedule promote transparency with our workings.

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